Desktop email apps: To be or not to be


In these times more and more desktop applications are migrating to the web, more and more time is spent in the browser instead of standalone desktop applications. People read their email online through various web based e-mail solutions that deliver the same performance as a desktop email client. Some of them offer the possibility to configure pop3 email accounts and read your corporate mail or mail from a personal domain. The role of a newsreader incorporated in the software is beeing succesfully fulfilled by web based news readers like Google Reader.

I mentioned this because i use more and more these web based apps instead of Thunderbird because they are accesible from everywhere even from my mobile phone. I can read news and email on the bus, on the train or in any other place. Thunderbird can only download these to my desktop computer. I could use a laptop you might say. Yes but it would be rather pointless to pack out a laptop on the bus for a 10 minute ride. This and other advantages made me to start wondering if i should remove Thunderbird from my computer or not.

So why would anyone continue using Thunderbird, Outlook or any other desktop email client in these conditions?

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