Online storage? What’s that?


Waiting for the GDrive from Google i decided to test some of the online storage providers that already exist. So i searched on Google for “online storage” and choosed 3 of the first 10 results. The 3 selected ones were XDrive, Mediamax and Humyo and i started to sign up for them to see what they offer.

Here are the results:

XDrive – the signup was very easy because i already had an AOL account that can be used, XDrive seems to be an AOL service. But after activating the free version wich offers 5 gb i couldn’t upload any file. The file upload just don’t works with Mozilla Firefox Beta 2. So Xdrive lost me as a user.

Mediamax – this provider offers 25 GB for free and a number of premium offerings that can go up to 1000 GB of storage space for just around 30 dollars. But the signup just don’t works with Mozilla Firefox Beta 2. Another service i won’t use for a while.

Humyo – the signup was pretty straightforward but i couldn’t find anywhere the amount of space they offer. Not even after signing up. There is no space indicator in the account. It is unlimited? I don’t know. But Humyo impressed me with the ease of use and with the very intuitive interface. Another thing that i like that they have a very interesting media player that can play uploaded music and video files and can make a slideshow with the uploaded images. The upload speed isn’t bad either.  Humyo just won me as a user!

So ,  a short conclusion – online storage is not yet as usable as it should be but it is on a good direction and by the time GDrive arrives it will have some competitors.

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