Google Chrome after one month of use


It is more then a month from the moment when Google Chrome went live. I use it since then and i love its speed and its simplicity. It crashed on me only once and it took all the tabs with it. But that was a minor incident,  it can happen. But what is worse is that i found that Flash and Chrome are having problems when used together.

When i open flash heavy sites, or flash streaming sites it starts to become unresponsive. And some of the streaming sites don’t have sound (checked with Firefox and worked well).

I was thinking that memory is a bottleneck but i tried it both on my home machine with 4GB of RAM running XP64 and at work with 1GB of RAM running XP and the result is the same. Chrome and Flash won’t work well together. 

Later update: I found out that this is a known bug and it is somewhat fixed in latest development release.

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