Evolution forgot someone behind: The Automobile


In the last few decades technology evolved with giant steps, especially computers and communications but not only. We can now clone animals, we can comunicate over the internet, we can travel to the moon if we want to. But there is a thing that didn’t evolved too much. At least it is not yet there where it could be. The automobile (car). And transportation in general.

Yes, we have all the new cool gadgets in the car from last generation navigation systems to all kind of technological helping stuff like ABS, airbags and so on. But driving a car is the same as it was 100 years ago. We need to steer, change gears, accelerate, use the brake and find directions. Engines are still the same, combustion based or electric in best case but that is rare and underdeveloped. Some may say that this is cool and what could i want more from tehnology?

Here is what my vision of using a car or a transportation device is:

  • before leaving the house you call your car by remote, the car comes and parks outside your house
  • you enter the car and sit down confortably, there is no wheel, no pedals only a big touchscreen
  • you choose your destination from the touchscreen and choose drive mode: economical, fastest, shortest
  • the car communicates with traffic guidance systems and gives you an estimation on the time needed to get there
  • the car starts all by himself using satellite navigation and autopilot to take you where you want to go, meantime you can work, enjoy the ride, start a conversation with someone or even have breakfast
  • you reach your destination
This may sound strange to you. But we actually have the technology to do this. We have GPS to determine locations, we have sensors to detect objects in motion (other cars on the road) and much more. 
This way transportation could be faster, safer for everyone as cars would not cause so many accidents and more economic as autopilots would use a driving mode that has optimal fuel consumption.
Why aren’t we there yet? When you think we will be able to accomplish this?


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