Deezer aka how to listen music online for free


Often while i’m working i listen to music, especially rock but i listen everything except opera. My work computer has some music files on it but not many so i listen radios from time to time but i am not a big radio fan. In fact i want to listen what i like and not what someone else wishes to push out and promote. So i always wanted an online music jukebox that allows me to select the songs and has many, many if not all the songs that i like or i might like. And yesterday i discovered that place. It is called Deezer and it can play almost any song i want. And it is very user friendly. I can even create playlists.  When i was really shocked by this site was when i discovered that it has not only the mainframe artists but also some local artists from here where i live. I bookmarked it right away and i hope that they will have success and funding to provide this great service.

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