3 books for Typo3 developers


If you work building websites with Typo3 CMS you often run into problems and the documentation on the Typo3 website is really badly structured. When i first started to learn Typo3 it was hard, but after a while i got used to it. But i wish i had the 3 books i will present to you. With them i could have learned Typo3 much faster. But nevertheless it is very helpful even now in some situations. So i invite you to discover Typo3 with these 3 great books


Building Websites with Typo3
Written by: Michael Peacock
Published by Packt Publishing, 2007

you can order it here


Typo3 Extension Development
Author: Dmitry Dulepov
Published by Packt Publishing, 2008

you can order it here


Mastering Typoscript: Typo3 Website, Template and Extension developement
Author: Daniel Koch
Published by Packt Publishing, 2006

you can order it here

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