Opera 10 looks good aka browser wars are back on


I’ve just tested Opera 10 with its new Presto 2.2  rendering engine and it seems that Google Chrome has some competition on the speed factor. Opera 10 loads somewhat slower then Google Chrome but much faster as Firefox. It renders pages faster then Firefox but i couldn’t decide wich one is faster Chrome or Opera 10 (need some benchmarks on this).  Opera 10 also has an Acid 3 score of 100/100!

Still neither Opera neither Chrome will take Firefox’s place in my navigational behavior. That is because neither of them has something like Firebug. I’ve just come to the conclusion that i cannot use a browser without a good inspecting tool like Firebug. Sure you could argue that they have something like that. Yes, but it is far behind Firebug!

Opera 10, Chrome 1, Firefox 3.1, IE 8 and Safari. So who said that browser wars ended ? They just starting.

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