The right CMS for the right job


I was trying different content management systems for a long time. And sometimes choosing one for a site is a difficult job. That is because we have plenty of packages to choose from. After a while i came to the conclusion that each of them is suited for different kinds of sites.

For example if it’s a blog then it must be WordPress. Although i like Typo3, Drupal and TikiWiki i wouldn’t recommend either of them for blogging. They are just way behind WordPress at this chapter. Off course WordPress is not suited for other kinds of applications like a highly customized, database driven site.

The other packages have other strenghts and weaknesses, it depends on the developer to correctly identify the right package.  Sure, there is a learning curve for every CMS and associated framework, but sometimes it does not worth it to stick to one CMS at all cost.

Working with them in the past years  i identified the strenghts and weaknesses of these packages and i come to the following conclusions:


Suited for: community driven websites,  publishing,  presentation websites


Suited for: wikis, collaborative/group publishing, resource sharing platforms



Suited for: corporate websites, online shops/e-commerce, enterprise websites, publishing, sites where high customization is a must, presentation websites


Suited for: blogging, publishing

Sure there are many more content management systems, but i use these, after trying many others. I found that these four can be used to build any type of  PHP based website.

  1. Thank you for posting your thoughts on picking the right CMS for various venues.

    Can you please describe what you consider a presentation website?

    It’d seem that TYPO3s TemplaVoila templating option and workflow abilities to deploy time sensitive content and even looks and feels automatically would make it a better fit.

    1. I call presentation websites, the websites that have few pages (2-3), a simple template and usually require very little or no coding. You are correct Typo3 can handle these too as well as Drupal.

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