JsMag – a new javascript magazine


A new javascript magazine has been launched: http://www.jsmag.com/

Headlines from the first issue

  • Debugging JavaScript without alert()
  • Introduction to ExtJS
  • Community News
  • Unit testing with YUI
  • What’s new in jQuery 1.3
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript

Seems rather good but its interesting to see if a subscription based magazine it will have success in these times.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. It’s rather odd, because many people question this, but we’ve been having moderate success already within the Groovy community with GroovyMag.com. The same magazine model, just a different target audience. It just depends on the definition of ‘success’, I suppose, but I believe we deliver enough value to a certain segment of the developer population to be successful.

    Again, thank you for the mention :)

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