Chrome Experiments and Extensions


Or could i call this post just Javascript is the future ?

It seems that Google indeed has big plans with Chrome. That’s why they built in a very advanced and fast Javascript engine called V8. This Javascript engine will allow developers to create highly advanced applications that run directly in the browser without any other plugins, giving Chrome a huge advantage over Internet Explorer and Firefox.

To demonstrate Chrome’s abilites Google announced the so called Chrome Experiments, a handful of applications designed for Chrome. For example there is a Tetris game made entirely with the use of Javascript and CSS, without any other plugin. But the DOM Tetris is just one of many experiments.

Experiments that work very well on Chrome. Google advises us that they may work on other browsers too, but much slower. And i tried to run them on Firefox, some of them worked, some of them not.

Back to Chrome. My opinion is that this is the future, this is how applications will be done. I think that as soon as Chrome is mature enough, even more desktop software will move online so users will just need an operating systems and a browser.

Chrome’s abilities are powerful indeed, most of those who didn’t adopt Chrome yet, did this because of the lack of extensions (Firebug is a killer,  you can’t live whitout it). But Google is working on this too, the proof is that there is alredy an extension howto page and i think extensions will land for regular users (easy setup and so on) not later then the middle of this year. Matt Cutts posted already a an example and a short description on howto setup your first Chrome extension if you can’t wait till then.

But when extensions will become something usual for Chrome, the speed and the abilities of the browser will make very hard for the competition, especially for Microsoft to catch up with Google.

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