Bye bye Adobe Reader! I need no bloatware!


I’ve just uninstalled Adobe Reader and hopefully i won’t have to install it again. I was very annoyed with this piece of bloatware. I’ve made a full reinstall of my computer and i needed a PDF viewer to read some e-books. Right away i went to Adobe’s site and tried to download Adobe Reader.

But downloading it wasnt so easy as i remembered. First they insisted i get a Firefox plugin, then when i installed the plugin i had to restart Firefox, save every tab and then the install process started. The worst thing is that it lasted almost half an hour to install Adobe Reader. The Nosso software wich takes over the installation is very slow!. And no, its not my computer, it has a very powerful CPU, 4GB of RAM and a performant hard drive, also my internet connection is broadband 20 mbps so you can’t blame any of these. It is Adobe and Nosso’s technology to blame for a half hour install process for such a simple thing as a PDF viewer.

Needless to say that even on this powerful machine the program performs poorly. It is slow and bloated. So i looked for alternative solutions.

A colleague recommended Foxit Reader. I downloaded it (it is 3.5 MB in size) and installed it in under 30 seconds. It performs very well, its fast, very fast and even has Firefox plugin to view PDF’s in the browser. So i uninstalled Adobe Reader and i will certainly won’t install it again.

I hope more and more people will do this, until Adobe realizes that usability and user friendly software are not only terms in the dictionary.

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