Yahoo closes Geocities this year


I learned that Yahoo plans to shut down Geocities later this year. This is a sad news. Geocities was the place were i hosted my first website back in the year 2000. At that time Geocities was one of the few free choices to host a website and it was a pioneer on the modern web.

Blogs didn’t exist then so people made websites using all kind of editors, everything from Notepad to Microsoft Word. You could find websites on any subject, from collecting stamps to astronomy.

Sure the Geocities offering today is behind many similar services, but shutting it down completely seems a rather radical gesture from Yahoo. Today i no longer use Geocities, but somehow i feel attached to that service and i’m convinced that it is possible to improve it and make it better and more profitable. But i’m not Yahoo’s CEO.

If you ask me to name 3 websites that somehow has influenced my life Geocities would be among those 3.

R. I. P. Geocities

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