Google Trends forgets about Romania


Romania is a country in Central Europe with a population of 20 million people. Not many people from other parts of the world know where is it exactly. But its on the map and its a country. The country I live in. Not according to Google Trends. When checking today for something on Google Trends i wanted to see how that search term evolved in Romania. But big surprise. Romania is not in the list of countries provided by Google in the filter located in the right top corner. There are many other countries with almost insignificant population and some exotic island not even i (with a degree in geography) heard about until today. That is Bouvet Island.  Shame on me, but i did not hear about it. And it seems that its not even a country! Its a dependent area of Norway and has 0 (zero) population. But Google wants to give us search term data for that country but not for Romania with 20 million people in it.

Nice work Google! Hire some geography teacher would ya!

Here is the screen-shot


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