Extension for removing path elements generated by RealURL


The RealURL extension for TYPO3 is a great tool for generating search engine and user friendly urls for your TYPO3 page. But the extension could have some options to customize more the page segments that are beeing generated. The drawbacks are evident: you have no user friendly way to override the generated paths and it is limitated to one pathsegment per page in the rootline.

Last week i discovered an extension that adds some of this missing functionality to TYPO3 & RealURL. The extension is called aoe_realurlpath (Alternative Real URL Path) and it can be found in the extension repository.

This extension allows the user to:

  • set the path independently from the position in the pagetree
  • override some of the pathsegments
  • exclude some of the middle segments

Also it is nice that this extension

  • support workspaces
  • support multilanguage sites
  • detects collisions

I’ve played a little bit with it and i can say that it is a solution for some of the problems and missing features from RealURL. But not all of them.

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