Opera and Typo3 ? Thanks but no thanks.


I’ve downloaded a while ago Opera 10 and once in a while i open it up just to see how it works and how it evolves. But a few days ago i decided that i try to work on it for a full day to get a more comprehensive image of what can this browser do. Beeing a Typo3 developer,  i work with Typo3 CMS on a daily basis, so this was my first task. I’ve opened up Typo3’s backend and started working. Or i should have started. Because Opera 10 has just crashed.

Ok, i restarted it and tried again. This time it let me open up the pagecontent element i wanted to edit. I did some modifications, click undo and Opera crashes again. Another restart, open up another page, do some quick copy-paste of content, Opera crashes again.

This was just the beginning, i tried several hours to work but from time to time Opera  was just keep crashing. And most of these crashes i can reproduce, so this is a very serious issue. But i quit trying.

So for now i won’t open Opera again until another version gets out. And i suggest if you want to work with Typo3 backend avoid Opera for that task. This browser needs more work to be able to be used in production environments. Sure for home use, opening mail and stuff maybe its good. But not for any serious stuff where loosing your work matters.

I’m not a Microsoft fan, i use Firefox and Chrome for daily browsing and work, but  i suggest Opera fans and supporters who are complaining to the EU about Microsoft bundling IE with Windows to take a look at their own garden first and then into others.

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