10 Principles of the PHP Masters


A great post published by Internet Resources explains 10  principles of some of the most popular PHP programmers.

In short here are the 1o principles of the PHP Masters and the name of the programmer bolded. I will only list them. For more details head over to the original post.

  1. Use PHP Only When You Need it – Rasmus Lerdorf
  2. Use Many Tables With PHP and MYSQL for Scalability – Matt Mullenweg
  3. Never, ever trust your users – Dave Child
  4. Invest in PHP Caching – Ben Balbo
  5. Speed up PHP Development with an IDE, Templates and Snippets – Chad Kieffer
  6. Make Better Use of PHP’s Filter Functions – Joey Sochacki
  7. Use a PHP Framework – Josh Sharp
  8. Don’t use a PHP Framework – Rasmus Lerdorf
  9. Use Batch Processing – Jack D. Herrington
  10. Turn on Error Reporting Immediately – David Cummings

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