Typo3 meeting Cluj Napoca


Yesterday, 6 october 2009 took place the first TYPO3 meeting in our city, Cluj Napoca, event organized by Typo3Romania.  This event was intended to be a start for a whole series of meetings, presentations about TYPO3. The main goal of the meetings and presentations is the popularize TYPO3 among web developers and clients and to share know how and ideas.

The first Typo3 event in Cluj Napoca was a success despite the fact that the participants had different backgrounds, some were developers who use TYPO3 for more then 5 years, some newbies and people who never heard about TYPO3 before and didn’t used it.  After getting to know each other the meeting continued with free discussions about TYPO3 and other related technologies. We agreed that the these gatherings should continue and everyone can propose presentation subjects for the next meetings on our Typo3 forum or through email.

I think this was a good start and certainly i have already a few ideas for presentations i would be able to do myself or ones that i would like to see held by other fellow developers. When my presentations will be ready i will let you all know here about the time and place of the next meeting.

Until then here is a nice group picture from the meeting:

Typo3 meeting Cluj Napoca

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