Back from DrupalCamp Prague


Drupalers from Romania Last night we’ve returned from DrupalCamp Prague, a two day event with a lots of interesting presentations about Drupal and related technologies.  The schedule had some interesting presentations and i attended to almost all of those.  The ones i liked most were Search is sexy by Robert Douglass and Using Features by Andrew Burcin. Also an interesting session was the case study held by Jakub Suchy, Using Drupal for your bussines.

But these DrupalCamps are not only about the sessions, socializing is also an important thing and we did exactly that, lots of beers were consumed while talking about Drupal and other topics.  I must say that the first social event was held at the U Medvidku restaurant, where the strongest beer in the world is brewed and obviously we tried this beer. Its good, very good.

Bye the way. Prague is a very very beautiful city and has a unique atmosphere and charm. I intend to return here for a more thorough visit. But until then i will have a few nice pictures and lots of memories from there.

Romania was represented at DrupalCamp Prague by eight drupalers:  Alina Fleser (alinafleser), Maria Mihaela Cîmpean, Diana Precup (dianaprecup), Andreea Ungureanu, Igor Ştirbu (igor.stirbu), Gabriel Ungureanu (gabrielu), Claudiu Cristea (claudiu.cristea) and myself (Bodor László (lacisoft)).

The most important thing is that while talking about Drupal and Romania we reached to the conclusion that we should organize a DrupalCamp next year in Romania to further promote Drupal and to involve more people in the Drupal community.  We started the planning but have nothing to announce at this time.  But i can say that if everything goes fine next year there will be a DrupalCamp in Romania!

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