Google upgrades paid storage plans


I have a paid storage plan at Google which until now featured 10 GB extra storage for 20$ a year. I use it mostly for private (protected) Picasa Photos but its nice to know that my Gmail account has an overflow capacity too.

Google announced today that they will upgrade the paid storage plans because in time the cost of hard drive storage has continued to drop. So my 10 GB’s have been transformed to 80 GB of online storage. That’s for only 20$ a year. Isn’t that cool ? For now i only use like half a gigabyte but i will start uploading tons of photos. Its very convenient to have all the photos online because its less likely to loose them and you can view them them from any computer wherever you are.

And if we speak about this storage upgrade, i must say i think that Google prepares for the much anticipated GDrive with this move. Its only a matter of time before the storage space will be implemented on all Google services, including the ones that have a potential for this service, like Google Docs. So most people will need to sign-up for a storage plan if they intend to store large amount of data at Google.

New storage plans:

storage3My Picasa storage:


My Gmail storage:


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