Weekly article batch. Edition 1


I read many articles and most times i don’t bookmark them even if they are fairly good articles and can be useful in some situations. I thought i should save them somewhere, but they are not so important to be added to bookmarks.

So starting with this year i will publish a post with these articles every week on thursday.  This way i can find them when i need them and also maybe some of you can find something interesting to read among them.

The order is arbitrary and some of the articles may be older then one week. The fact is that i read them this week so they get mentioned here this week.

Interesting articles this week:

  1. 15 useful jQuery plugins and tutorials – published by designer-daily.com, contains a good selection of jQuery plugins and tutorials
  2. Exception handling in PHP – published by devshed.com, we all come across this: exception handling, a nice overview on the topic
  3. MySQL : Using IF in a WHERE clause – published by electrictoolbox.com, although not a good solution – an IF is possible in a WHERE clause and i post this here only for reference – i not recommend using such solutions
  4. Dive into HTML 5 – published by diveintohtml5.org, HTML 5 is here and this is a fairly good intro in it
  5. 13 Useful Code Snippets for WordPress development, published by webdesignledger.com, WordPress in more and more a part of our life and this article can be handy if we want to customize some of the things in WordPress
  6. Speed matters , published by Dries Buytaert on buytaert.net , increasing latency will drive your visitors away as one Google research paper points it out. So think twice before adding a feature that hurts performance
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