Weekly article batch 2


Here is the second edition of my weekly “press review”

Interesting articles last week:

  1. Gartner report on PHP – published by Danne Lundqvist on dotvoid.com – writes about a report by Gartner (here) that makes it clear that more and more companies discover the benefits of PHP and adoption is increasing among major companies.
  2. A case for table-based design – published by Evert Pot on rooftopsolutions.nl – i could not agree more, table based designs are useful in some situations.
  3. ASP.NET for PHP developers – published by Chris Taylor on net.tutsplus.com – does a great introduction to ASP.NET using C# for PHP developers. I’m even tempted to do a site in ASP.NET just for educational purpose
  4. Why is reusable code so hard to secure ? – published on devcentral.f5.com – some aspects of this article are subject to debate but others do present us with a valid issue when developing reusable code
  5. How to speed up your WordPress sites – published on devwebpro.com – as page speed is becoming a ranking factor for Google its nice to know what could i do with my blog if overnight would become hugely popular.
  6. 40+ essential Drupal Modules – published on nicklewis.org- well most of these should be familiar to every Drupal developer but its nice to have a place where to look up if you search for something specific and proven for the task at hand.
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