Apology letter to Firefox


I must apologize to you for my thoughtless action to embrace Google Chrome so swiftly. I was wrong. I admit that now.

I never had any issues with you besides your appetite for memory. You really like eating all the memory you have available. But after all i bought 4 gigs of RAM for you. I should have just let you eat as much as you could.

But you know some new guy named Chrome (from Google)  came and he was full of promises. He promised me that when he will crash he will do that only with one of his tabs, the faulty one. So my other work won’t get lost. He promised that he will be the fastest browser i’ve ever seen. And he promised many other things. He managed to fulfill some of his promises. But he failed miserably with others.

Just minutes ago i was writing my weekly article batch, and opened up a pdf document in another tab.  And Chrome froze … needless to say that all his tabs froze. And after waiting 30 minutes he didn’t recover. I had to kill it. But he took away all my tabs!! Even that one with the article being written. So my work got lost (no recovery). This wasn’t the first time that Chrome hang on me with a pdf file (i cannot even count how many times he did that), but this was the first time when he managed to loose about one hour of my work + half hour waiting after him. And this was the thing i was always afraid of.  Yeah… maybe is Chrome somewhat faster then you … but if he looses my work and wastes my time that doesn’t matter anymore. I will come back to you.

But there is a good thing about me using Chrome. Did you know that  Chrome managed to raise my blog’s number of visitors to new heights ? Yeah, remember when i complained  that Chrome’s popup blocker sucks ? Well it seems that many people think that.

That article become the most popular post on this blog, on daily basis people  end up here using queries like:  chrome popup blocker, disable chrome popup blocker, chrome popup blocker sucks. Well i guess the guys from Google should focus more on fixing bugs and implementing basic browser features before they roll out new versions every few days.

I can’t promise you that i will uninstall Chrome, after all i have to test sites in it from time to time. But i will be using you more to do my work.

I cannot rely on a browser that

  • is having issues with opening a pdf file or running some heavier flash
  • displays the popup blocking notification for like 3-4 seconds and then hide it when i try to allow it.
  • is just refusing to log me in with my current password on some sites that work perfectly on other browsers
  • for some weird reason runs Plesk in slow motion compared to other browsers
  • and countless other little annoying things

Sincerely yours

The user

  1. Funny stuff, I’ve had some of the same complaints with Chrome. However, it seems like Chrome and Firefox support certain website features I use (like infinite scrolling in Tumblr) that IE doesn’t support. Sucks there is no stronger browser out there that is more reliable.

    BTW, wanted to suggest possibly moving the twitter button to the left side of the page, it’s current location hides some of the text on your page and makes it somewhat annoying to try and read the posts. Just a perspective from one of your readers!

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