A few tips for TYPO3’s HtmlArea RTE configuration


I worked this week with the HtmlArea RTE from TYPO3 more then i ever did on a project before. And i learned some tricks that are very useful when you try to make this RTE to work as you want it. I’m sharing these with you, maybe someone needs them.

All these settings need to be entered in your rootpage’s TSconfig field (on the Options tab of the page edit form)

How to allow embedding of Flash (YouTube videos for example) in the TYPO3 RTE

RTE.default.proc {
  allowTags := addToList(object,param,embed)
  allowTagsOutside := addToList(object,embed)
  entryHTMLparser_db.allowTags < RTE.default.proc.allowTags

How to get rid of those annoying images inserted before links

RTE.classesAnchor {
  internalLink.image >
  externalLink.image >
  externalLinkInNewWindow.image >
  internalLinkInNewWindow.image >
  download.image >
  mail.image >

How to insert larger images without beeing resized or in other words maximum image size for RTE

RTE.default {
    buttons.image.options.magic.maxWidth = 1000
    buttons.image.options.magic.maxHeight = 1000
    buttons.image.options.plain.maxWidth = 1000
    buttons.image.options.plain.maxHeight = 1000

In this case you just need to modify those values (1000’s) to your desired max width and max height

How to disable entering of paragraphs when pressing on Enter key


After you enable this setting you will get br’s inserted instead of p’s when pressing the Enter key

  1. “How to get rid of those annoying images inserted before links” – There is more simple way to disable these icons – in Ext Manager just set off option “Enable links accessibility icons”. However thanks a lot for useful tips!

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