Fatal error: Class ‘Services_JSON’ not found


I was working on some website at work and after i clicked on the Page module in TYPO3 (the Page module provided by TemplaVoila) i’ve been presented with the following error message:  “Fatal error: Class ‘Services_JSON’ not found in” + the path to the file.

I have never seen this error message before and i didn’t know at first what it was causing it. After some research i found out that this is caused by a bug  in TemplaVoila. If you read the bug report you can find a patch attached. But i wrote this post because there is another solution.

At first i was a little bit annoyed because on other projects i didn’t encounter this bug and i used the same versions of TYPO3 and TemplaVoila. After reading the bug report i checked out in the Install Tool of TYPO3 the CompatibilityVersion. It was set to CompatibilityVersion 3.8! I changed it at once and set it to 4.3 and all problems with this error went away.

So if you encounter this error you might be able to solve it the way i did.

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