Packt Publishing launches two new brands


Packt Publishing is one of the publishers that constantly comes with new books about topics that interest me (like TYPO3 or Drupal).  I become quite accustomed with their orange colored books.  Packt has always been very active in the open source community constantly offering books for reviews and sponsoring events like the upcoming DrupalCamp Romania where Packt is a Community Sponsor.

Recently Packt decided to split their brand into two new distinct brands: Packt Enterpise and Packt Open Source.  Packt Enterprise with the slogan Professional experience distilled will focus on enterprise system and professional knowledge while Packt Open Source with the slogan Community experience distilled , will focus on open source products and community knowledge.  Packt’s business model is to publish specialist knowledge for IT professionals regardless of the source of the knowledge (community or enterprise).

Central to Packt from day one has been its business model, which enables them to publish more specialist books than traditional publishers. By printing the books on-demand and selling largely online and directly to customers, they have established a publishing company that can bypass the traditional retail route to market, avoiding the large discounts associated with selling books through bookstores.  Essentially, this makes bringing a book to market for niche audiences profitable for authors as well as for Packt, whilst keeping the costs down for customers.

It will be interesting to see what novelties will this move bring to the IT publishing market, but knowing Packt i’m confident they will continuously bring us the best books about technologies that interest us most.

  1. Yes they sell e-books in PDF format, i’m not familiar with the epub or kindle formats so i don’t know if the books will be readable on those devices but i guess pdf can be read with almost anything nowadays.

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