TYPO3 4.4 – first impressions


I’ve given TYPO3 4.4 beta3 a test spin these days. I have to say that this is a major improvement over previous TYPO3 releases. First of all the look & feel of the backend is completely changed. It looks different but it works the same way. And i didn’t made any measurements but i have the impression that it moves somewhat faster then the old one. The Install Tool is also changed and now has an updated look and functionality.

The introduction package that comes with TYPO3 4.4 is a big step forward.  What is the introduction package ? It’s in fact a website that comes packaged with TYPO3 and its ready to use out of the box. This was one of the major complaints regarding TYPO3, if you just installed the platform it gave you an error by default (no content). Now it provides an out of the box website which is ready to use or fine tune.  I think this will enable more users to be able to utilize TYPO3. Because until now you had to do some configurations, had to write typoscript and so on. Now you just install it and use it. Maybe you change the layout by adjusting CSS but that’s not a big deal.

The target release date for TYPO3 4.4 is 22 June.  I’m looking forward to see it released and used in production.

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  1. Thanks for the nice article!

    Inital loading of the Backend should be quite faster because of CSS concatenation and Sprite icons.
    If you enable $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][compressionLevel], your JS and CSS is even gzip compresse. But be warned and read NEWS.txt before.


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