TYPO3 4.4 has been released


Today the newest version of TYPO3 has been released. Version 4.4 comes with lots of new features and it aims to bring TYPO3 closer to new developers making the learning and starting a website of a new website easier.

For this an Introduction Package has been created that will allow those who are not familiar with TYPO3 to have a functional website in minutes, just by installing TYPO3 with the bundled Introduction Package and start customizing the provided extension and templates.

Among other things we notice the following features and improvements:

  • An updated look&feel of the TYPO3 backend
  • An improved installer
  • Faster Rich Text Editor
  • A new task center

To read the full announcement head over to the TYPO3 website where you can also download the newest release to get started with this new TYPO3 version.

This is a long awaited release not because of the time it took to be released but because of the Introduction Package (Actually it took only about half a year from previous release). TYPO3 needed to catch up with other content management systems where once you installed the CMS you had a functional website you could start tinkering with. This lack of a functional example alienated many potential developers who looked for other “working” alternatives. Everyone was complaining that TYPO3 gives an “error” when installed the first time. And if you had no idea about Typoscript and templates you were stuck and it was very hard to go forward with implementing a site. Now it become easier to get started and i think TYPO3 adoption will increase in time. Maybe not spectacularly but the gains will be noticeable.  And be prepared for a new announcement on this website in the following weeks, an announcement that will make TYPO3 even more appealing to all developers, beginners or more experienced.

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