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This blog and some other sites are running on a VPS from  Servint, one of the best hosting providers out there. And from time to time they surprise us. Surprise us in a good way. I rarely praise any company for the service they provide.  But with Servint i must.

I discovered Servint about 5-6 years ago when i was working for a company that bought hosting from them. Meantime i learned that many other hosting providers were just Servint’s resellers. So one day (about 3 years ago), when i was preparing to launch my website, i bought hosting at Servint. It was an Essential VPS with 256 MB RAM and 10 GB of space. Last year Servint upgraded all Essential VPS’es to 756 MB guaranteed RAM (1.5 GB burst RAM) and to 30 GB of space. Yesterday Servint did it again and upgraded my VPS to 50 GB of storage space and both of these upgrades were free with the price of the package remaining unchanged. But this upgrade is not limited to only the Essential VPS, all VPS product lines got upgraded. I think now Servint’s VPS’s are the most powerful in the world. They really deserve the Enterprise VPS title.

But with Servint its not just about the upgrades. Its about the overall quality of service. I never had any unplanned server outage in these 3 years. I had to submit a few tickets because i wanted some services like PHP upgrade or i wanted a PHP accelerator to be installed. Servint’s response time is unbelievable. Usually in just a few minutes they respond. Once we changed like 5 messages in an hour (they ask for confirmations or provide advices on what is the best scenario)  and my request was solved at the end of that hour. I didn’t use phone support but from what i read on their internal forums, phone support is also great with a human responding after one ring.  Servint’s hosting is really managed hosting. All servers are proactively monitored and when any performance issue is noticed they take the necessary steps to solve the issue.  I wish i could post here all the messages to Servint posted on the internal forum (accessible only to Servint customers). Most of them praise Servint as being the best hosting provider in the world.  And i tend to agree.

With other companies i had bad experiences, i’m still working with other companies at work but i must say none of them can deliver the level of service that Servint provides. Not even ones with so called fanatical support. Or maybe they are acceptable to others, but i’m used with other standards with my hosting provider. I cannot be the client of any other hosting company.

I guess as someone on the internal forums said it – i found a host for life.

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