Two must reads


In the last week there were fewer interesting reads in my reader so my weekly article batch will turn this week into a must read recommendation. I will only point out two articles but oh boy they are good.

The first one is from John Batelle and is called: On Facebook, Google, and Our Evolving Social Mores Online. The article itself is interesting enough but more interesting is the presentation. It has 216 slides but it worth every minute you spend on it. You will find a different perspective on social networks and  social web in general.

The other article is The Emerging Online Giants and is published in The Economist. This article goes behind the front players in the battle of the web and study a few companies that are not so well known as Google or Yahoo or Microsoft but they are steadily and quietly acquire more and more web properties and power. Its interesting to see how they will evolve and what will become of them.


BTW,  i see that The Economist is running on Drupal. Way to go!

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