TYPO3 Powermail – let the user choose if he wants confirmation email or not


TYPO3’s Powermail extension is a great mailform tool that allows you to collect all kinds of data from users and send them through email to you and to the user. But sometimes maybe the user doesn’t want to receive back this information. I didn’t know until now but i learned today that you can let the user choose if he wants a conformation email or not.

Its very simple. You need to create a checkbox type of input with some text like for example : “Send me a copy of this message”. After that you set up the following typoscript in your page’s template:

plugin.tx_powermail_pi1.allow.email2sender >
plugin.tx_powermail_pi1.allow.email2sender = TEXT
plugin.tx_powermail_pi1.allow.email2sender.data = TSFE:fe_user|sesData|powermail_141|uid34|0

plugin.tx_powermail_pi1 {
    allow {
	email2sender = TEXT
	email2sender.value = {$plugin.powermail.allow.email2sender}

In the snippet above you need to change the following numbers: 141 – this is the id of your tt_content for powermail, 34 this is the uid of the field that enables the email sending or not (defined in the form).

It’s as simple as that

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