Crazy OS wishes


Sometimes i have some crazy wishes from the tools or software i use. One of my problems is that i receive lots and lots of email attachments. I have a folder where i download them and this folder grows, grows … grows. Until it has several gigabytes and i have to start making some order in it and delete stuff that is not useful. But by this time i don’t know anymore which is useful and which is not. Figuring it out is painful and takes lots of time.

So i thought one day, what if i could configure a folder (the download folder), to automatically delete stuff i don’t use from this folder. I could set a period like 1 month and if the file has not been used it should be either deleted either archived to another folder. Because if i didn’t used it in a month i probably don’t need that file.

I don’t know if there is a software that can do this, maybe something like this should be built in in Windows or it is and i don’t know it.

Maybe some of you have an idea if this kind of software exists or maybe you have another solution to this issue ?

  1. I run Windows again these days, but through Cygwin, I can use the find command to find files that were last accessed in the past X time. Combining that with an exec or xargs, you could delete the old attachments.

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