A new kid in the TYPO3 block : Tesseract


While searching for some extensions these days i’ve discovered a suite of extensions having Tesseract in their names. After some quick research i’ve found out that in fact Tesseract is a project that makes extracting of data and integrating it with TYPO3 much easier providing tools for data consumption. It is being presented officially at T3CON10.

This project provides some kind of an MVC architecture in order to generate TYPO3 pages using just the TYPO3 backend. I was pretty excited seeing what this suite of extensions does. Check out the video below (must see) and make an idea yourself of what is Tesseract about and visit typo3-tesseract.com for more information.


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  1. This is awesome!! thanks for bringing this extension to light! or rather bringing us Typoscripters and developers to light :)
    Absolutely enjoy your blog!
    cheers from,

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