SVN Checkout on Samba share


I have installed a new CentOS server for development with a Subversion repository and also a samba share to the www root. I made a checkout on the samba share and used that as a working copy. Unfortunately at most of the commits TortoiseSVN was throwing  an error, something  like this:

tortoise svn commit succeeded, but other errors follow…
error bumping revisions post-commit…

I didn’t know that this is because of the samba share permissions but after some research i learned the cause. There is an easy fix for this and you can find it here:

Basically you need to add to the global section of your etc/samba/smb.conf the following:

delete readonly = yes

or if you have an older version

force create mode = 0600

Also there is information that on the latest samba versions this is no longer an issue (it’s fixed).

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