Extbase Kickstarter and eAccelerator from TYPO3 Winstaller conflict


I was playing around with the Extbase Kickstarter this night and i run into a problem quickly. When i changed the display mode to Overview the whole thing crashed and threw me the error:

could not determine type of argument “section” of the render-method in ViewHelper “Tx_Fluid_ViewHelpers_RenderViewHelper”. Either the methods docComment is invalid or some PHP optimizer strips off comments

And nothing worked anymore even if i switched back to Domain Modelling. After a little research i found out the cause. It seems that the TYPO3 Winstaller’s eAccelerator was interfering and was removing some comments.

The solution is fairly simple. You hit Start TYPO3 in Winstaller and when the control panel shows up just click on the Tools menu item. In the Tools section choose eAccelerator and disable caching. After that Extbase Kickstarter should work again.

  1. eAccelerator is dead, imho.
    I used mmcache and then eAccelerator for years, but xcache and APC are better maintained and more reliable in the era of PHP 5.3.

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