New book: Drupal Web Services


I just got a new book from Packt Publishing called Drupal Web Services.  The book is written by Trevor James who is a Drupal consultant and web developer based in Middletown, USA.He has been working on designing websites for more then 14 years  and has been using Drupal intensively for over 3 years.

The book has some interesting subjects like:

– How can you explore all kinds of Web services and integrate them with Drupal.

– Successfully reuse the applications without the need to do the coding again by using the Web services on the existing Drupal site.

– Allow your Drupal site to consume all kinds of web services by using contributed Drupal modules for these specific tasks or applications.

– Publish your Drupal site’s content  to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using Drupal Web services

– Share content and resources between your applications and machines even if they are running different platforms and architectures.

You can buy the book in printed or ebook format from here

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