Extbase, love it or hate it?


Extbase is one of the new technologies in TYPO3 that is being presented as the future and the new way to write extensions for TYPO3. Although it is marked as a Stable extension and it is bundled with TYPO3,  it seems that Extbase is not yet ready for primetime. At least not for situations where the product will need to handle large amount of data and traffic.

Today on the TYPO3-dev mailing list a very interesting discussion started which demonstrates how people feel about Extbase and what the thoughts of the developers are.

I personally like Extbase because of the way it forces you to write proper code and the complete separation of business logic from presentation (fully MVC). What i not like is the awkward error messages it gives, which in some situations leaves you wondering … what the hell he means by that ?

I didn’t yet used in on very large websites so i don’t know how it behaves under heavy stress, but if reports are true then i might be in trouble soon. But hopefully i will find solutions and you will be able to read about them here on this blog :)

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