TYPO3 market share statistics–2012 edition


About this time of the year – one year ago,  i was writing about TYPO3’s market share. Back then i took some criticism, being accused of comparing apples to oranges. Obviously i was curious again how the numbers evolved and despite of the criticism i will do this again.

Yes it’s true, TYPO3 is not a regular CMS but rather an Enterprise CMS but for the majority of people its still a CMS and its being treated as such. One important reason why i do this again is that the data reflects not only the CMS market but the overall market of all websites monitored by W3Techs (the source of the data) and also for the breakdown of the different TYPO3 versions.

Let’s start with the overall market:


From this data we can see that 70.9% of the websites use no CMS at all (at least its not detectable that they’re using one). This number decreased from 75.9%. So the logical conclusion would be that more and more companies and people are using some kind of a CMS on their website (grey is the overall market share and green is market share from the CMS market)

There aren’t any spectacular changes in the market shares of the different CMS’s, that’s why a graph with yearly change is not showing anything relevant. TYPO3 stays at a steady 0.6% of overall market share and lost a little from the CMS pie (which grew since last year). So we can say that TYPO3 did neither gain or lost market share since one year ago on the global website market.

If we look at the major version distributions of TYPO3 we can see:


There are still 1.2% of websites using TYPO3 version 3.x. That’s quite alot! Even if its half of what we had last year. These people really have to consider upgrading because running a version this old is a great security risk (no patches are available if some security vulnerabilities are discovered). One thing to note that TYPO3 v5 didn’t yet made it to this statistic although it seems there are a few sites made with v5.

Let’s see how the 4.x versions are doing:



That’s an interesting change. One year ago version 4.2 was first with 38.6%, now version 4.5 leads with 35.9%. This version is a Long Time Support version and its understandable that people will tend to use it more. Also this is the last one with IE6 support – although IE6 is practically dead some companies still use it.Versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 lost about about half of their percentage while 4.4 is almost at the same share.

Version 4.6 also popped up on the radar with 1.6%. That’s a good number taking into account that is relatively young (few months) and also requires PHP 5.3 which is not a default offering on the majority of webhosts.

I suggest you take this data with a grain of salt. W3Techs monitor lots of sites but probably they also miss a few. These statistics are here just to make an idea of where TYPO3 is.

Overall i think that is evolving slowly even if it didn’t gain market share in the last year. Good things happened. Version 4.6 was released with lots of improvements and 4.7 is on our doorsteps with much improved usability.

Well, that’s it. I hope in about one year we have better numbers.

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