Back from TYPO3camp Mallorca


I just got back from the first ever international TYPO3camp which was held between 14-16 September 2012 in Palma de Mallorca. So actually i celebrated my birthday there with my colleagues Horea, Istvan, Tomita and Zsolt. But hey, Palma is a great place to celebrate, lots of bars, clubs, restaurants and of course the sea and the marina. I just couldn’t get enough of this place so maybe i come back next year for a holiday here.

The camp was awesome with some great people, mostly from Germany of course but there were also folks from Romania, Poland, Netherlands and Denmark. The sessions were also quite interesting and even though some things presented were known to me i enjoyed them nevertheless. I also held a session about Mobile Apps from TYPO3 together with Zsolt. This is basically about an extension that connects TYPO3 to PhoneGap to generate mobile applications from TYPO3.


Although this was not my first session in front of a public i had a little bit of stage fright at the beginning, but when i started it went away. At the end we received a few questions and suggestions so this was a good feedback opportunity for us.

The camp featured other nice presentations, i will not list them all here but i must mention two that i liked especially. One was held by Olivier Dobberkau and was called the “Past, present and future of CMS” and the other by Jochen Weiland and was called “Make your websites fly”. What i didn’t like too much was that too many interesting sessions were at the same time and i couldn’t attend to all of them.

Now that its over i just hope that this will not be a singular event and international TYPO3 camps will be organized much more frequently.

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