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neosWell, TYPO3 Phoenix has arrived. Robert Lemke just announced it at T3CON12. And this being a brand new CMS it also has a new name. It’s called NEOS. TYPO3 NEOS!

Well at first i thought its kind of a generic name. Maybe they could come up with a better name. Now searching for Neos on Google you get a big bunch of results including some software (Neos Server). With TYPO3 you didn’t had this problem. When you said TYPO3 it was clear what we are talking about. But the decision has been taken, there is no point debating the decision at this time.

NEOS is completely based on FLOW3 and comes with some new features and a different approach of a CMS. I will not detail now all the features, you can read more about the features here and you can also view the webcast with the keynote session announcing TYPO3.

Well, i wish NEOS a happy birthday and let’s hope it will be a good CMS on the long run. Until then TYPO3 is here and you can go ahead and download NEOS to play around.

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