Drupalcamp Arad 2012


drupalcamparadThis weekend (17-18th of November 2012) in the city of Arad is taking place the 3rd Romanian Drupalcamp. The first one was at Timișoara and i attended while the second was in Bucharest one year ago, unfortunately i had to skip this one because i was travelling heavily during that timeframe.

This years Drupalcamp promises lots of interesting presentations:

  • Using Drupal without loading Drupal
  • Drupal 8. What’s cooking ?
  • Drupal 7 as a Framework
  • Talking to Drupal from Javascript, iOS and Android
  • Cloud to the rescue? Servers, Files, CDNs and Fun!
  • Speed up Drupal
  • Drupal Services & Backbone.js

For me the most interesting one is obviously the Talking to Drupal from Javascript, iOS and Android.I can hardly wait to see how they have done this in Drupal.

Unfortunately the event is sold out so if you didn’t bought your ticket then you’ll have to pray that someone will give up his place. But if you already have a ticket then i guess I’ll see you there. Maybe we grab some beers together.

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