About TUG-RO Meetup 2012


I’m a little bit behind schedule with my projects so only now after 1.5 weeks i’m able to report back on the TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Meetup 2012.

tugroIt was a good event, the best so far organized by the Romanian TYPO3 Usergroup. But you know we always want more. I hoped that all 55 registered people will come, only 45 came, mostly developers from Cluj Napoca and Targu Mures, also one TYPO3 freelancer (or maybe two ?).

The percentage of people who came is good but still points out the need for having a registration fee at events like this. Having a registration fee will ensure that only people who are serious about attending will sign up for the event.

Regarding the quality of the presentations, i think it was a good event and the sessions were mostly of good quality. I liked the most the presentation from Tiberiu Contiu called BDD, Behat and TYPO3. I also held two presentations, the one i held in Mallorca about Mobile Apps in TYPO3 and one called Fluid Websites. You can just follow the links and download the presentations from Slideshare.

The event continued in the evening with a social event held at the Old Sheperds pub which gave us the opportunity to draw the conclusions and have a few beers together.

Next year we hope for more, maybe we make the event international or maybe by then there will be more TYPO3 developers around the country. We will see!

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