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As i promised i will tell you a few words about what i work with lately. Twitter Bootstrap is one of them.  I must tell you that i really really like this so called “css framework” or “design framework”. It allows me to develop applications without having to worry too much about the CSS&HTML part of it. I can just focus on programming and i really started to have a tremendous productivity by using Bootrap.

But what is really this Twitter Bootstrap thingie everyone talks about ? Well, basically its a collection of tools, html templates, CSS and Javascript for creating websites and web applications. If you want the long version check out the article on Wikipedia

Twitter Bootstrap is now the most popular project on Github and by now is used be several thousands of websites, a few of those being really high profile: NASA, MSNBC and it also worth mentioning that the Zend Framework documentation is also using a Bootstrap template. In the TYPO3 world the fedext.net website is among the most popular ones using it.

So if you want to dive right into this you should first check out a few really useful websites:

  • Official Website of Twitter Bootstrap on Github
  • Fontawesome – a nice collection of icons for Bootstrap
  • Wrapbootstrap – a webshop selling a few very good Twitter Bootstrap templates (Unicorn is my favourite for Intranet Apps)
  • Bootsnipp – a collection of snippets for Bootstrap but also a nice form editor for Bootstrap forms
  • Bootswatch – a collection of free Bootstrap templates
  • Button Generator – as its name says, it generates buttons for Twitter Bootstrap templates
  • Bootstrapcdn – A CDN for delivering Bootstrap files (for free)
  • Jetstrap – An online visual editor for building Bootstrap templates

Well, that’s enough for now. You have quite alot of resources so if you didn’t use it so far go ahead and check it. For some of you it might be a game changer.

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