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So I’m back from Palma de Mallorca from the second international TYPO3Camp which was held in this beautiful city between the 20th and the 22th of September. This camp was a little bit bigger then the one from last year, there were a total of almost 170 participants from 8 countries. Germany was of course the most well represented nation, after that came the Romanian community which this year had a good presence (just as last year).

The event started on Friday with the social night at El Molino, it’s just crazy that last year i had there a coffee with my colleague Tomita and we didn’t even think it will be the location of the next year’s camp warm-up party. Anyway it was a pleasant surprise to see that this location was selected for the start of the camp.

In the morning after a quick and tasty breakfast at our hotel we went to the conference center of the Majorica hotel were the planning session started shortly after our arrival. As this was a barcamp the planning of the sessions is done right there with the participation of the attendees.

There were 5 rooms for the sessions and they quickly filled with sessions and people. For me the most interesting session was the one dedicated to the migration from 4.5 LTS to 6.2 LTS. There it was made clear that some kind of an upgrade checklist will be provided for us. Also an interesting bet was made. If the team delivers the new 6.2 LTS in time they will get 300 of liters of beer. I think that’s quite an incentive :)

Other interesting sessions were:

  • SrcBuilder (a flow package builder tool)
  • How to speed up TYPO3
  • Deployment with FlowSurf
  • NoEstimates (although i think this is kind of unrealistic)

The day continued at the Marchica club with the social event where we had some interesting discussions and i learned alot about T3Sail which seems a very interesting event and frankly i’m quite tempted to get in the boat next year.

Then the second day of the conference came with a shorter day but with interesting sessions like:

  • 47 questions to ask your hosting provider
  • Vaadin web apps
  • Mobile Apps with TYPO3 and Titanium
  • Marketing for new markets

The camp ended Sunday with a dinner at Meson Ca’n Pedro, a typical mallorcan restaurant where they serve a very delicious suckling lamb with garlic and mushrooms. I recommend it if you’re visiting Palma

And now the conclusions. The camp was interesting, you could learn some things but most important it was an opportunity to socialize and meet new people. A big thanks goes to the organizers and the sponsors of the camp because without them it wouldn’t have been possible to have such a great camp.

If you’re into events like this then i suggest coming to TYPO3 East Europe held between the 14th and 16th of November in Cluj Napoca. It won’t be such a sunny weather and beaches like in Palma but it will be lots of fun and the social events will be legendary.

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