Tutorial of the week: Installing Redmine on Ubuntu


Redmine is a project management and issue tracking tool. Many people use it for managing software projects all around the world. During my work with various projects i’ve used Redmine and i found that it covers most of the aspects related to software projects having characteristics like: issue tracking, gantt charts, work logs, wiki, documents, versions and what is also pretty neat is that you can connect your code repository (Subversion, Git, etc) to it.

Now after a while for my personal projects i wanted to switch from Mantis to something more elaborate and professional. And Redmine is the solution i have chosen. Unfortunately for many Redmine is not so easy to install as Mantis. It was written in Ruby on Rails and you need quite some dependencies to install it. But doing that on Ubuntu is not that hard. I’ve done it in about 20 minutes (which includes the research also) and thought that i should write a tutorial about it in case someone else needs it.

Because a while ago i decided that this blog will focus more on opinions, news and general articles and that all code examples and tutorials that require code examples will be stored on my wiki, you can find the  small tutorial on how to install Redmine on my wiki.

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