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I’ve been pretty quiet recently. I changed jobs, I moved to a new home, I’ve changed quite a few things around me. I didn’t really had time to write on this blog. This will change in the coming months as i have lots to say. During the last few months I’ve learned many things, many new things from a technical perspective.

I took a deep dive into Big Data data warehouses and become somewhat familiar with the topic. In the next few months i will be working more with these warehouses and will probably learn lots of wild things. I’ve also learned a new PHP framework (Yii), worked lots more with Linux servers doing admin stuff I never dreamed of doing, like running my own dedicated server (with all the bells and whistles) without any control panel on it and use Puppet automation to deploy stuff. And much more…

So a whole suite of technical articles will follow. There will be one or two dedicated to TYPO3 topics but these will be fewer and fewer from now on as I’m shifting focus from the CMS world to an application development world, where CMS’s have almost no use. TYPO3 Flow still has a place here as i develop now some applications with Flow. But most of the articles will be about technology pieces employed in the architecture of some of the applications i work on. A few of the articles are almost done so check back in the next few weeks to read about some really cool things.

Oh … and it’s time for a new theme on this blog. Something more advanced, more up to date, more modern. Don’t you agree ?

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  1. Welcome to the dedicated server world… it’s the way to go for sure. I’m not a Puppet user so don’t really know it’s focus, but using Virtualmin (add-on to Webmin) is some pretty powerful OS software to help manage multiple domains. Then it’s also nice to start your server off with a hypervisor of some sort. I’m using VMware ESXi right now but am looking to move to KVM since it’s the preferred solution with OpenStack. I’m still trying to figure out how best to work with VM’s and docker. Let me know if you have any thought on any of this.

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