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For those who didn’t used it. What is Joost? Joost is a different way to watch online television or television in general. It is a software that delivers you television shows directly from the internet on a broadband connection, for free and legally! You can choose what channel want to view and what show you wish to see. It isn’t like Youtube because there are full length shows and the quality is much better. It isn’t like classic television because you can choose what you want to view and can even skip parts of the shows you aren’t interested in. There are some interactive ads in it but these ads aren’t as obtrusive as in classical television.

I started using Joost  a couple of months ago when it was in closed beta and i wasn’t really a fan of it. Quality shows were rare and the overall quantity of the shows was a disappointment for me. But lately Joost is becoming a choice when i want to watch something to relax. If a few months ago there were some problems with speed, shows being streamed from internet, now  i can watch a full documentary without any interruption. The number of shows increased, quality shows are all over the place and  my favorite genres (Documentary, Travel and Adventure) are very well represented.

So if you want to watch something interesting and new, something you haven’t seen for a thousand times on classical television then you can try Joost.

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  1. I think online television is the future. Like the motto of the iPlayer it makes the unmissable unmissable. I can even watch German soap opera from the UK. Not that I want to. ;)

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