AWS Certified Developer


Two and a half years ago I obtained my first AWS certification – the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. I planned even back then to obtain all five main certifications for AWS. Time has passed and I was busy with other stuff and I also had a lack of confidence especially for the Solutions Architect Professional as I have not worked with many on premise solutions. But meantime I have accumulated more experience and last year at AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas I have renewed my Solutions Architect Associate certification because it was close to it’s expiration date.

Now I feel that is the time to get them all. So I’ve re-started this process by getting another certification. Now I can proudly say that I am an AWS Certified Developer. This is certification #2.

There are still three certifications I want to get:
– AWS Certified Sysop Adminstrator – Associate
– AWS Certified Devops Engineer – Professional
– AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

I am doing these not because I really need them (for my job for example). I am doing them because they keep me on the right track with my learning initiatives and they always push me to be even better at what I do.

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