Writing on the blog again

Long time no see


So I’ve really neglected this blog lately. I can come up with the excuse that I’ve been pretty busy these last few years since I switched careers and career paths.

I’ve learned Python and Node.js and I’m working mostly with these. I have worked on some really cool projects with these languages . Also I have focused mostly on cloud architectures (apps) that run in the AWS cloud.

If you know this blog since the days I’ve written about TYPO3 then you should know that I’m pretty much done with that subject. It’s not likely that there will be anymore TYPO3 posts on this blog. In fact there will be less technical posts, I will focus here on personal thoughts and opinions. I will still do posts about technology from time to time but for those I’ve started something new, something that I’m not yet ready to share. But you will find out about it soon.

As you can see the blog received a new theme but some posts might not look right. I’m working on fixing those but it might take me a while to get things in order. So, see you the next time.

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