Small update


I didn’t really write on the blog lately because i was busy and also had a lack of inspiration most of the times. But i thought that i really should post an update even if it is not that much information for now.

What cool things i did lately:

  • Some of you might know my website, I’m totally rebuilding it and change the philosophy behind it. Deadline is the end of the year.
  • I learned and started working with TYPO3 Flow (more posts will follow about this subject)
  • I’m in the initial phase of a completely new application that i will build using TYPO3 Flow. It will be something very cool and I think will be a small revolution in that particular area.
  • I went to the Paris Air Show in June

Other things that happened:

  • I found my alternative to Google Reader, it is The Old Reader
  • Updated my blog with a mobile theme for easier access on mobile devices

On some of these subjects i plan to write more in the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned.

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