A new beginning


I don’t even know how to start this post. I’m going through some interesting times. It’s already a week since we were announced that the project we were working on is being shut down.

No tragedies here, everyone is being offered alternatives. I was offered to choose between several available projects in the company I’m working for.  Another option that crossed my mind would have been to look for alternatives at other companies as an employee. Or I could start my own thing / work as a freelancer. All these options started a wild race in my head and as a result I had a last weekend full of thinking, reasoning, doubts, hopes and so on.

But I have come to the conclusion that I owe myself to choose the third option. Now is the best moment to do that. So starting with next month I’m self employed (I still have notice period and things to wrap up).  I always wanted to try to work on my own. I have several ideas and several projects I started during the past years but never had the time or the determination to take them to the next level. Now is that time!

My projects will need time to bake, so during this time I will do other things as well. I really like working on challenging projects  and learning new stuff all the time. So I will also work as a contractor/freelancer. I already have a few leads, let’s see which of them materializes. However I only plan to take on projects if the project is worth it from a technical perspective. In December I’m planning to take my certification on AWS as a solutions architect and all projects that involve AWS cloud architectures will have priority over others, at least in the near future. Projects that interest me are applications written in frameworks like Flow Framework (formerly of the TYPO3 family), Symfony 3 but also applications that are based on TYPO3 and I really mean applications or extension development, not presentation websites.

It’s a big leap for me as I don’t really have anything certain in my pocket. Let’s hope it turns out to be a good move!


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